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Welcome to my Site

Hi there! I'm off to a new adventure . . . as always. I am eclectic, flexible, and passionate so I have to reel myself in to decide just how this is going to go . . . and then, as usual, change my mind. I have a multitude of interests, some of which are featured on this site. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them my way.



My Mission

My mission is to experience life to the fullest. I don't do bucket lists; I do opportunity lists. When an opportunity presents itself and my spirit says let's do it, we go. I learned this from a regret I've lived with for 30 years. I had the opportunity to go to the Mt. Everest base camp with the team's nutritionist. Dang! It was right there, in the palm of my hand, and I let it slip by -- the usual excuses: money, time away from work, a relationship. Don't ever let any of those stop you from experiencing life. Onward to the next interest and adventure in experiencing self.

My Story

I get bored easily. It's a feeling of I've done what I need to do, I've done it well, now it's time to move on.

Story Part 1: Writing, Editing, and Publishing

This happened on its own while I was a holistic practitioner on staff at a counseling center and in private practice, and as a facilitator for helping others move on with their lives. I saw the gleam in my patients' and clients' eyes when they not only told their stories but when they held their life in a published book. I ghostwrite as well as edit and write but I also help others with their photo journals. Truly, this is life-altering for many.

Story Part 2: Jewelry Design and Creation

Anyone who knows me well would scratch their head if I had told them I was taking a jewelry-making class and then not only proceeded to create my own pieces but also publicly sell them at art fairs. But that's what I did. Why is it puzzling? Because I wear very little jewelry - my wedding ring always, but earrings and maybe a simple, meaningful necklace only when I venture out in public. That's it. I have jewelry; I just prefer not wearing it. However, I really enjoyed designing and creating, and then making others happy when they purchased the pieces.

Story Part 3: Painting

Remember I told you I get bored easily and then move on to something else to learn? I sold my entire jewelry inventory and my tools to move on to something new. My husband is an abstract painter so he had all sorts of brushes and paints for me to play with. However, I needed an easel (he creates his art flat on a table.) Voila! Here I go. I took a few art and drawing classes and then created what gives me joy. 

Story Part 4: Nature Photography

This is actually a reversion. Many, many years ago -- seemingly a few lifetimes ago -- I had an SLR (manual) camera with all the lenses. I took many close-up photos of nature on film (I even knew what F-stop meant). Life accelerated, banked, and swerved, and that hobby fell by the wayside. Recently, Martin became interested in photography as a means of purposely getting us outside and capturing the beauty of nature. I took along my Canon and, lo and behold, here we are: nature photographers. Visit our Nature Images website at

Story Part 5: Clay Sculpture

Always cognizant of the little voice in my head that prods me, I finally gave in and began making my own clay from newspaper and trying my hand at sculpture, using found objects such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, various containers, broken dishes, and other discarded items. All my sculptures have a fairy tale, fantasy, mythological, or sci-fi basis. I grew up with adult relatives who talked about elves, fairies, and other mysteries so this was like returning to the home of my childhood. My favorite creation to date are my gnomes. They come alive in my hands as they unfold layer by layer.

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