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Clay Sculptures

     All sculptures are made with homemade newspaper clay and recycled, repurposed, reclaimed, re-imagined items, such as cardboard, oatmeal and cereal boxes, plastic bottles, glass jars, broken pottery, etc. None of the designs are planned ahead of time, unlike what one is "supposed" to do. I hold the object in my hand and then let the design unfold as I progress. Occasionally, I do have an idea but it never comes to the fruition of the original concept. 

     Each item is handcrafted by layers over time; each layer taking 24+ hours to cure. The fairy house boot took 3 months from concept to completion. Some of that time was spent not knowing what to do next and allowing ideas to filter through my brain.

     I would not consider any of my clay sculptures to be waterproof; however, they are water-resistant to some degree with no less than 3 layers of marine varnish. Because each item is done in layers with multiple textures, any fold, crack, or hole that does not get sealed with the marine varnish could allow water to seep in and slowly compromise the integrity of the sculpture. Therefore, do not leave any of my creations in standing water, damp conditions, or exposed to inclement weather. Also, do not allow them to freeze. And because they are made with a paper clay and coated with acrylic paint and marine varnish, they are considered flammable.